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Air Travel to Brazil

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world with territory spanning across 3 million square miles (8 million square kilometers). Needless to say, getting around Brazil takes time, and air travel is the most efficient way to minimize travel time so that you can spend more of your Brazil holiday relaxing with a caipirinha on Brazilian beaches or cruising on the Amazon River or trekking through the Amazon jungle.


The principal airport hubs are São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. International flights arrive and depart from Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) in São Paulo, as well as Rio de Janeiro, Recife, and Salvador. For domestic and regional service, flights arrive and depart from Congonhas- São Paulo Airport (CGH) and serve Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, and Brasilia. Other important airport hubs in Brazil are: Salvador (SSA), Recife (REC), Fortaleza (FOR), Brasilia (BSB), Porto Alegre (POA), and Curitiba (CWB).

Travelers moving by air through Brazil will find that the Rio de Janeiro is the hub for domestic flights. In Rio, Galeão-Antonio Carlos Jobim (GIG) is the internal airport, and Santos Dumont is the domestic and regional airport. The shuttle flight between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro is just under 1 hour. Between Rio and other popular Brazil destinations, flight times are as follows: Foz do Iguaçu – 3 hours, Manaus – 5 hours, Porte Alegre – 2 hours, Salvador – 2 hours.

Carriers and Passes

Brazil has 3 main carriers: TAM, Varig, and Vasp. Low cost carriers include: Gold, Fly, and Ocean Air. These carriers usually sell an airpass, which is a good investment for travelers who will be traveling to multiple destinations within Brazil or South America. Passes are sold outside Brazil and are available to non-residents who have a return ticket. Usually passes are valid for a limited number of days and are the price varies by mileage.


It is generally a good idea to book flights well in advance, as last-minute bookings for international and domestic flights can get very expensive. Flights costs can also get quite expensive if booking directly through airline companies. Online travel agencies, such as Expedia or Travelocity, usually offer the most competitive prices for flights to Brazil.


If you have booked your Brazil tours through a travel agency, you will usually be picked up from the airport for the transfer to your hotel or lodge; the transfer agent will have your name on a sign. If not, you can catch a taxi or bus outside the airport baggage area. Metered taxis are the safest option, and these are identifiable by their marked roof lights. Look for fares on the meter or on a fare chart on the rear side window.

Note: When entering Brazil, travelers going through foreign customs will fill out a migration form and receive a migration card. The migration card (really just a sheet) and the passport will be stamped. Hold on the migration cardArticle Search, you will need this to exit the country or face a fine.

Travel to Ecuador Exploring Quito and Banos

If you are looking to explore the natural beauty of South America, look no further, Ecuador is the perfect destination for spectacular scenery and any nature lover. Discover the natural beauty of Ecuador with this travel route for your Ecuador vacation.

A trip to Ecuador is not complete without visiting Quito. Quito is the second highest capital in all of Latin America; hence it has one of the most spectacular views of any city in the world. Bordered by the lush Volcano Pichincha and a low ridge, mountain views are plentiful in this capital city. Upon arrival to Quito spend a day or two exploring the city. Quito is rich in history and culture and offers a great variety of restaurants, shops, and hotels.

After a few days of exploring Quito, get out of the city and travel to Cotopaxi National Park. The drive will wind through the “Avenue of Volcanoes,” marvel at the highest active volcano in the world, the Cotopaxi, which is an Ecuador landmark. The park provides a diverse landscape which you can explore from unique plant life to wild horses and llamas, it is a beautiful sight. Exploration of the park can take only a few hours or the full day depending on how much you want to explore the area. If you depart in the afternoon you can head to another of Ecuador’s natural wonders, the waterfalls in the city of Banos.

Banos is a great place to stay on your Ecuador vacation; the city provides an array of hotels, restaurants, spas as well as many activities surrounding the city. Situated between the Tungurahua Volcano and the Rio Pastaza, the city itself provides great scenery. However this is not why people travel to Banos, the amazing waterfalls, attract travelers from all over the world. Banos has over 60 waterfalls, giving nature lovers and hikers a great place to explore; you can arrive at many of the waterfalls by hiking. You can also travel the route of the waterfalls, La Ruta de las Cascadas, which provides views of more than 20 of the city’s waterfalls.

After a day of exploring the waterfalls you can partake in another great Banos activity. Enjoy one of the many thermal baths, great to relax the muscles after a day of hiking. All travelers should make a stop at the open air Banos de la Virgen pools, which feature a variety of baths all varying in temperature. Visit the highest pool for the best view in the city as it overlooks the waterfall; this is the perfect place to unwind.

A trip to Ecuador is sure to provide travelers with beautiful scenery. Make a trip to Quito and Banos during your Ecuador tripFree Reprint Articles, you won’t be disappointed.

Free Trip To Boston

Boston is one of the most cosmopolitan and historic travel destinations in the world and certainly in the United States. There are many reasons to visit Boston. Everything that a “Boston Traveler rolling duffle” would want to see is there. With its Revolutionary War history, its nationally renowned sports teams, its legendary educational institutions, and its proximity to Cape Cod and other venues, make Boston a great travel spot.

With such great opportunities for entertainment and site seeing, however, comes high prices, and it has become increasingly difficult to find bargain deals in Boston as well as its suburbs. That is why I’ve compiled a quick list of cheap Boston hotels, bars and activities that both locals and tourists can use when going out in Boston.

Cheap Boston Hotels

First, I suggest going to the Internet to find everything from Boston Hotels, Stuart Street to Hotel Marlowe Boston Hotels Discount Hotel Reservation to Boston Hotels Boston Luxury Hotel Royal Sonesta Hotel Boston even to Boston Hotels Research Boston Hotels And Reviews Online and erotic boston hotels. Youc an also find family luxury boston hotels deals. Online, you’ll also find out details like whether there is cable television, a pool, health club, daycare, etc. Other details like the distance from shopping areas and places of interest will also be available to you via the Web.

Some of the more popular as well as affordable hotels in Boston are The Howard Johnson Inn of Boston. It’s located next to Fenway Park in downtown Boston. Another one in downtown Beantown is the Chandler Inn Hotel. If you want to stay by the airport, the Hampton Inn of Boston, is only a mile from Boston’s Logan Airport. Also, The Ramada Inn is in downtown Boston and is a very popular family hotel. Lastly, there is a nice hotel called A Bed and Breakfast in Cambridge (a suburb of Boston), which is a 1897 colonial revival house. One more option is tthe Beacon Inn of Boston as well.

Some inexpensive entertainment venues are:

Freedom Trail Walk

You can walk the Freedom Trail — it goes from from Boston Common to Bunker Hill) The trail begins in Boston Common and continues towards Faneuil Hall, winds through the North End, and then ends with a loop around Charlestown and the Harbor. It’s approximately two and a half miles.

The Boston Bike and Brewery Tour

If you enjoy bicycling, you’ll enjoy this leisurely stroll. Well, I shouldn’t say leisurely. It’s a 15 to 20 mile bike ride with mostly flat terrain. Estimated time is four to four and a half hours. You’ll spend a good amount of the time at the Harpoon Brewery as welll as at Carson Beach. I suggest letting Boston Bike Tours guide you. On the third Saturday of each month from late Spring to early Fall, the BBT guides its customers through the Financial District to Castle Island and Carson beach and then to Boston’s Harpoon Brewery for a beer and a tour (you’re not obligated to buy a beer, of course). The tour, with bike, helmet, water and beer included, is $25, $20 if you bring your own bike. We recommend making reservations. Their number is (617) 308-5902

You can get this info from from zagat surveys Boston restaurants guide I suppose, but this short and sweet overview I hope with your eating endeavors while traveling in Boston.

Check out McCormick and Schmick’s at North Market Building by Faneuil Hall (this is downtown Boston). This is an upscale seafood restaurant. However, During happy hour, anyone can afford M&S’ great food. Specifically, check it out from 3:30 to 6:30pm Monday through Friday and 10pm-12am on Saturday and Sunday. During then, the bar features a $1.95 menu featuring standby favorites such as burgers, chicken wings as well as something Boston is well known for — seafood. The $1.95 menu features seafood favorites like such as oysters and clams. Be advised that the menu changes daily and there is a minimum drink purchase required. I suggest making a reservation — it’s popular.

Another good place is Grendel’s Den is located at 89 Winthrop Street, Harvard Square in Cambridge, a suburb of Boston (it’s by Harvard University). There are food specials from 5-7:30pm and after 9:30pm at this popular bar. The entire menu is half priced, giving the diner on a budget a good menu options but is inexpensive too. Incidentally, on Sunday evenings there is a special dollar menu, featuring items like burgers, sandwiches, and even Italian pasta. There is, however, a minimum drink purchase of $3 required for the discount prices to take effect. OverallFree Reprint Articles, it’s a great atmosphere and a good dining experience.

That should get you started. I hope this free boston travel advice travel and the boston travel and tourism travelogues and Boston Traveler rolling duffle info has been helpful. I could’ve put more info here but I know most people don’t read everything so I am breaking it up into smaller articles. Check back to this site for other info on free Boston travel advice travel and Boston travel and tourism travelogues.

A Better Way To Travel

Travel is something that must be done on occasion. For some that occasion is a regularity. Anyone that needs to travel regularly knows that it can be stressful and full of issues. Most folks that fly a lot will hop on a commercial airline carrier and then have to go through the long lines, layovers and endless other time consuming issues. Travel can be a challenge and what you need is a way to get there that is not a hassle.

Getting in and out of select destinations can be more difficult these days due to the many cutbacks being made by commercial airlines and this can lead to less of a selection when it comes to getting where you need to go on a schedule. For many years people have watched those who own private planes move ahead of the pack and get ushered along to their flight awaiting them on the runway but many have only dreamed about someday purchasing their very own plane.

There is no need to buy a plane to be able to take advantage of all that a private jet has to offer. You can be the person that gets the escort to the jet quickly and in comfort. It is only a phone call away. If you want to find out the most basic information all that you need to do is jump online and see what they have to offer. They give you the freedom to arrange the schedule that fits your needs instead of requiring that they stick to yours.

Arranging the perfect flight is simple and easy and when you deal with a private charter company. You will feel completely at easeFind Article, even if it is your very first time booking a private charter flight and you will find that whatever needs you have a private jet charter company will be happy to assist you in making every aspect of your flight live up to your personal expectations.

No longer do you have to watch in amazement as others are ushered off to their own private jet as you too can have this amazing experience any time you choose. With a private jet charter you can get into and out of the airport quickly and get on your way to your destination with the greatest of ease. It is a sure fire way to kick the travel blues and get where you need to go in a hurry.